Organist & Master of the Music at Leeds Minster

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"A warm welcome from God's own county – the county of broad acres – and from my lovely home at the confluence of the West Riding's rural and industrial heart lands, just off Junction 27 of the M62.

Duties as Organist & Master of the Music at Leeds Minster and as City Organist are complemented by work for Leeds City Council's Department of Learning & Leisure. It was the Parish Church appointment that brought me to the North of England in succession to Dr Donald Hunt more than thirty years ago.

Other musical activity includes organ concerts and recitals, organ and piano accompaniment, choral and orchestral conducting (especially of St Peter's Singers and Chamber Orchestra), writing and speaking about music. I am also active as a choral arranger and, to a degree, as a composer – albeit a somewhat reluctant one – with many arrangements and editions and compositions in print of which by far the majority were produced especially for friends and colleagues in the world-famous Choir of Leeds Parish Church, now Leeds Minster.

The life of a musician is profoundly fulfilling, yet often demanding and frequently challenging – it is, however, absolutely never dull! Many of my interests reflect sustain close relationships with music – among them are cathedrals and churches, local history, printing, typography, walking, cooking and travel – especially rail travel.

It is my sincere hope that you find something to interest you within the various sections of this website."

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Leeds Parish Church

Find out more about Leeds Parish Church & the Instrument I play.


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